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Monthly Meeting

Sunday Sept 24, 2023, 4:00pm
at St. Luke Lutheran Church
3264 Northside Pkwy NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

We will meet at 4 pm for Social Time and Fika, please bring something to share!

After our business meeting at 4:30pm, our members Susanne and Ralph Howard will hold a short presentation on Göta Kanal, a popular tourist destination in Sweden that celebrated 200 years last year.

The Göta Canal is a part of a waterway 390 km (240 mi) long, linking a number of lakes and rivers to provide a route across Sweden from Göteborg on the west coast to Söderköping on the Baltic Sea. 58 locks bring boats across Sweden from sea level, up 300 feet to Lake Vättern, and back down.

Göta canal was officially opened on 26 September 1832, after 22 years of effort by more than 58,000 workers. It was by far the greatest civil engineering project ever undertaken in Sweden up to that time. However, the arrival of the railways in 1855 quickly made the canal redundant, as trains could carry passengers and goods far more rapidly and did not have to shut down with the arrival of winter. These days the canal is primarily used as a tourist and recreational attraction. Around two million people visit the canal each year, on pleasure cruises, either on their own boats or on one of the many cruise ships, or enjoying related activities along the canal.